One creative partnership.

Concept, creative and execution all in house.


We’re an international animation studio with a love for telling compelling stories. Our specialty is 2D animation and we’re thrilled to constantly be expanding our creative boundaries for our clients. Whether we’re working on projects for advertising or entertainment, we always bring our passion for visual storytelling to our productions.

What we Do

Scripts, character designs, backgrounds, layouts storyboards, rigging, animation (cutout and paperless), compositing and VFX.


Our driving force is our creative thinking. As early as the conception of an idea, this creative thinking provides a valuable perspective. We are able to write animation-specific screenplays, adapt to briefs, and think critically and creatively outside of ‘conventional’ disciplines, always looking for opportunities to inject sakuga* into our work. Every project is surrounded by a specialized team led by a single point of contact who sees it through from start to finish.
Do you want to make something meaningful?

* Japanese term for a sequence of noticeably higher quality animation, used to highlight a particularly important scene.